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Where to Buy White Dental Beauty

Where to Buy

White Dental Beauty is based in the UK but available worldwide from local distributors.

Your patients expect you to provide the highest quality dental treatments, outstanding care and excellent service. Having trust in the products you offer enables you to deliver consistency, reliability and confidence within your practice.

Our Tooth Whitening Gels have different strengths to offer your patients a choice and to offer advanced sensitivity management.

  • 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, whitening from as little as 30 minutes a day
  • 16% Carbamide Peroxide, whitening from as little as 60 minutes a day
  • 10% Carbamide Peroxide, whitening from 2-4 hours overnight
  • 5% Carbamide Peroxide, whitening from 2-4 hours a day, for patients with sensitive teeth

Our Whitening Gels come in various sizes and packages including: Patient Kits, Refill Kits, and Top Ups, you can also purchase White Dental Beauty Pocket Tray Cases too.

We have created a dedicated marketing support package to enhance the patient experience and build your practice with professional tooth whitening that includes Patient Literature, Practice Posters, Point of Sale, Waiting Room and Event Pull-up Banners, Patient Bags, Swingboards and more!

Please note that you must be a Dentist to purchase White Dental Beauty from our distributors, if you are a patient or consumer, please ask your dentist if you would like to purchase teeth whitening.

View our list of distributors and get in touch to start on your White Dental Beauty journey!
What is White Dental Beauty

United Kingdom - Optident Ltd


A: Development Centre, Valley Drive, Ilkley, LS29 8AL

W: Optident.co.uk

T: 01943 60 50 50

E: Sales@optident.co.uk


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United States - Henry Schein


A: Melville, NY 11747, USA

W: www.henryschein.com

T: 1-800-372-4346


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Italy - Dental Trey


A: Via B. Partisani, 3, 47016 Fiumana FC, Italy

W: www.dentaltrey.it

T: 1-800-372-4346


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France - Mega Dental


A: 16-18 Rue des Investisseurs, 91560 Crosne, France

W: www.megadental.fr

T: 01 69 83 90 91

E: team.web@megadental.fr


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South Africa - The Dental Warehouse


A: 106 16th Road, Halfway House Estates, 1686 Midrand, Gauteng

W: www.dentalwarehouse.co.za

T: 0800 111 796

E: info@dentalwarehouse.co.za


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Poland - Marrodent


A: ul. Krasińskiego 31, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

W: www.marrodent.pl

T: 33 810 13 28

E: sklep@marrodent.pl


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Czech Republic - Henry Schein Dental


A: Černokostelecká 2085/24, 100 00 Strašnice, Czechia

W: www.hsdental-shop.cz

T: 800 700 097

E: obchod@henryschein.cz


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Australia - Henry Schein HALAS


A: Building 3, Level 6, 189 O'Riordan Street, Mascot, NSW 2020

W: henryschein.com.au

T: 1300 65 88 22

E: customer.care@henryschein.com.au


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Belgium - Henry Schein NV


A: Luchthavenlaan 20, 1800 Vilvoorde. Belgium

W: www.henryschein.be

T: 02-257 40 50

E: verkoop@henryschein.be


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Netherlands - Henry Schein


A: Veluwezoom 16, 1327 AG Almere

W: www.henryschein.nl

T: 036 53 58 600

E: info@henryschein.nl


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Bulgaria - Vilem


A: ul. "Krum Popov" 62, 1421 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria

W: www.vilem.br

T: 0884/901 802


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Cyprus - Pentadent


A: Ανεξαρτησίας 1, Λειβάδια, Λάρνακα, Κύπρος

W: www.pentadent.eu

E: pentadent@outlook.com


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Germany - American Dental Systems


A: Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße 42, 85591 Vaterstetten, Germany

W: www.adsystems.de

T: +49 (0) 8106 - 300 300

E: info@adsystems.de


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Greece - Dental Expert


A: Άννα Ελμάογλου Ε.Π.Ε. - Φειδιππιδου 30, 11527, Γουδή

W: dental-expert.gr

T: +49 (0) 800 - 140 00 44

E: info@dental-expert.gr


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Hungary - Ivodent


A: 1032 Budapest, Szőlő u. 8th

W: www.ivodent.hu

T: +36 1 299-0117

E: info@ivodent.hu


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Lithuania - Pardes


A: 1032 Budapest, Szőlő u. 8th

W: www.pardes.eu

T: (8,620) 82250

E: info@pardes.lt


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New Zealand - Healthcare Essentials


A: 120 Tirangi Road, Rongotai, Wellington

W: www.healthcareessentials.nz

T: 0508 802 55 77

E: sales@healthcareessentials.nz


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Norway - Norsk Orthoform


A: Tvetenveien 158, 0671 Oslo

W: norskothoform.no

T: 22 76 01 40

E: bestilling@norskorthoform.no


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Romania - DentStore


A: Str. Tepes Voda nr. 89, entrance of Borangic, sector 2, Bucharest

W: dentstore.ro

T: 021 308 57 51

E: comenzi@dentstore.ro


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Slovenia - Dentoteka


A: 3-LAB PLUS doo, Nazorjeva ulica 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana

W: www.dentoteka.com

T: 040 333 368

E: info@dentoteka.com


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Spain - Henry Schein España, S.A.


A: Av. Albufera 153, 8ª planta, 28038 Madrid

W: henryschein.es

T: 91 360 60 00

E: dental@henryschein.es


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Sweden - DentMan


A: Tranebergsvägen 21, 167 45 Bromma, Sweden

W: dentman.se

T: 08-25 1075

E: dentman@dentman.se


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Switzerland - Biother (Condor)


A: Ch. 2, CP 300, 1896 Vouvry, Switzerland

W: www.condordental.ch

T: +41 24 482 61 61

E: condor@condordental.ch


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