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Composite Syringe
About CompoSite

What is White Dental Beauty CompoSite?

White Dental Beauty CompoSite is the new composite that features smart-hybrid system backed by invaluable teaching methods.

Accredited and educated by StyleItaliano, CompoSite uses a palette of specifically selected shades including a dedicated lighter range, that can be used to restore healthy smiles in every day practice.

How CompoSite Works

The CompoSite system includes 5 specifically selected dentine shades (Si 0, 0.5, 1, 2 & 3), 1 enamel (Si E), 1 posterior (Si P) and 2 flowable shades (Si M, Si MP) which can save you both time and money by streamlining the restorative process.

With the ability to use the dual layering technique, this system can help restore healthy smiles in every day practice, for direct or indirect restorations.

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite range has been developed with optimum viscosity and excellent handling. The non-sticky consistency follows your instrument and doesn’t withdraw, so is ideal for modelling and shaping. It is not sensitive to ambient light, giving you 8-minutes working time. With a high fill content of 80%, the ISO filler is wear-resistant and has low shrinkage when light cured.

The ergonomic syringe design can be opened with one hand, freeing up your nurse for other duties. Also available in TipSi, which fits into any composite compule gun.

White Dental Beauty CompoSite has an excellent polishability, allowing restorations to become invisible with natural fluorescence and high colour stability resulting in beautiful long-term aesthetics.

The minimum curing times per layer are as follows:

  • White Dental Beauty CompoSite Body shades P, Si 0.5, Si 0, Si 1, Si 2, Si 3 40 seconds
  • White Dental Beauty CompoSite Enamel shade E 10 seconds
  • White Dental Beauty CompoSite Flow Multiplo MP 10 seconds
  • White Dental Beauty CompoSite Flow Masque M 40 seconds

The light output should be a minimum of 500 mW/cm2.

Composite Training

Why Choose CompoSite?

5 choices of Universal Si shades: Si 0, Si 0.5, Si 1, Si 2, Si 3

Enamel, Posterior and 2 Flowable shades specifically selected to create the optimum composite system

Developed with optimum viscosity for excellent handling

Eco friendly and biodegradable packaging

Extensive learning and education with #whiteology

8 minutes working time with high wear resistance

Ergonomic syringe design can be opened easily with one hand

Natural fluorescence and high colour stability for outstanding polishing properties

Conforms to EU regulations; ISO 4049

Composite Syringes

Composite Course

Handling CompoSite

The Si Universal and Enamel shades have a non-sticky, smooth consistency which allows for easy manipulation of the materials even to fine layers. Used together, they define the appearance of the tooth.

Most cases currently seen are often in the lighter shade spectrum due to patient driven aesthetics. The chromaticity of the lighter shade’s, Si 0 and Si 0.5, is very important for whitening & restorative cases. The Si 0.5 helps you achieve the fine balance of brightness needed that sometimes cannot be offered with other systems.

The special flowable shades Si M and Si MP, are specifically selected additions to the system. Utilising the ‘Camouflage Technique’ specific to this material, the Si M is a unique, highly opaque, flowable shade which allows you to mask discolourations and provide an excellent neutral base for easy composite definition.

Si MP is a highly versatile, multipurpose, flowable material ideally used as a base/liner, Class 5, and to cement veneers & overlays.

To complete the kit the Si P is homogenous in colour and has a light scattering universal opacity that is mimetic with the tooth allowing this single shade to be the solution for the majority of posterior restorations. With a high filler content of 80%, the Si P is designed specifically to work with the Fast Modelling Technique (FMT), carving effortlessly and simplifying occlusal anatomy substantially with ample working time under ambient light. Wear resistant and rapid polishing, the Si P is perfect for a quick and simple aesthetic result.

Store at temperatures between 4°C - 23°C. If refrigerated, allow White Dental Beauty CompoSite to reach room temperature before use.

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Composite Universal Shades
CompoSite Universal

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite Universal Shades have 5 strengths.

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Composite Enamel Shades
CompoSite Enamel

The Si Enamel blends with all Si Universal shades flawlessly.

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Composite Posterior Shades
CompoSite Posterior

Posterior composite with mimetic colour and effortless handling abilities.

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Composite Flowable Shades
CompoSite Flowable

Unique flowable materials to be used as bases/liners or for the 'Camouflage Technique'.

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Composite Universal Shades
White Dental Beauty CompoSite Universal Shades are available in five different shades:
  • Si 0
  • Si 0.5
  • Si 1
  • Si 2
  • Si 3
  • Si 0

The chromaticity of these lighter shades are very important for whitening and restorative cases.
Universal Si shades can be used alone for mono layering in full direct veneer cases, or can be used in conjunction with the Si Enamel for two-layer technique.

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Composite Enamel Shades
Features a calibrated translucency which blends flawlessly with all the Si Universal Shades for a two-layer technique, or simply for characterising the incisal edge.
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Composite Posterior Shades
Homogenous in colour with a light scattering universal opacity, allowing this single shade to be the solution for the majority of posterior restorations.
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Composite Flowable Shades
The Masque is a unique opaque flowable material for the 'Camouflage Technique'. This can be used to disguise the colour of the tooth, giving a lighter base foundation to aesthetically restore.
The Multiplo is a multipurpose flowable material ideally used as a base/liner, class 5, cementing veneers & overlays. An optimum viscosity material with excellent handling.
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Learning CompoSite With #whiteology

Optident and StyleItaliano have collaborated to offer a unique combination of world class products, practical methods and dedicated learning programmes known as #whiteology.

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite range has been accredited and recommended by StyleItaliano who have helped develop this new approach to modern dentistry.

Learn more about how to use the CompoSite range on the #whiteology courses that offer the skills you need to give your patients the smile they deserve using minimally invasive, predictable & repeatable results.

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Technical Information

Polishing results in reflection units (RE) according ISO 2873 with polisher from White Dental Beauty Material GmbH 2007

Filtek Supreme, Point 4, Tetric EvoCeram, Venus, Premise, Synergy D6, EsthetX are not registered trademarks of White Dental Beauty.

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